South Africa hosts an event unpacking a WTO ECommerce initiative that far from delivering on a promise of ‘ECommerce for Development’ would deepen digital divides and perpetuate concentrated wealth and power among Big Tech’s global elite.

August 16, 2019 Produced by Lynn Fries / GPEnewsdocs

This mini-documentary features clips from the 2019 WTO Aid for Trade Global Review, specifically comments by speakers presenting at two side events respectively– Aid for Digital Transformation & Financing Digital Industrialization – both organized by the South African Mission to the World Trade Organization.

Featured speakers by order of appearance as follows:

  • Richard Hill: President, Association for Proper Internet Governance; Former International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Senior Official; Author of The New International Telecommunications Regulations and the Internet
  • Xolelwa Mlumbi-Peter: Ambassador, South Africa Permanent Mission to the World Trade Organization
  • Vahini Naidu: Counsellor, South African Permanent Mission to the World Trade Organization

TRANSCRIPT not available at this time.


Originally aired on US & South African public access TV

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